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Tonda gentile trilob. (Langhe)

The nursery produces plants of the Tonda gentile trilobata (Langhe) variety, in 64-hole alveolus, well rooted and in 240-hole jiffy.

The Tonda Gentile delle Langhe variety is one of the most widespread hazelnut cultivars in Italy, especially in the north (Piedmont). The hazelnut is of good size, round, with an excellent shelled yield. The Piedmont hazelnut is grown at altitudes between 150 and 750 meters and due to its particular adaptability it has spread with excellent results also in other areas of Italy . The yield can reach or exceed 25 quintals/hectare. Due to its good yield and above all for its organoleptic qualities it is considered the best variety worldwide and has higher prices than any other on the market.

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