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Vivai Magalotti presents its new product dedicated to professionals in the sector:
Kiwi plants in phytocell composed of coconut fibre

Product features:
Coconut fiber phytocell 6 litres
Main Benefits
The phytocell is made up of coconut fiber and marrow and allows the planting of plants that have never touched any soil in the nursery. This allows for greater health, an increasingly important and appreciated feature, especially for the cultivation of kiwifruit, so severely tested by the problems that have arisen in recent years. In practice, we are going to have bare root plants, 170 cm high stems, with the versatility of the pot, therefore a product that concentrates the advantages of the various techniques".
Roots with more root hairs and fewer taproots, a more receptive root that does not undergo the stress of uprooting and starts earlier, after transplanting into the field.
Last but not least, the transplant window for this product is much wider, as these plants can be planted in the field practically at any time of year.

Vivai Magalotti is part of the new strawberry breeding project as a member of the new company BERRYLAB. The production of rooted tops of the 3 new varieties of Strawberry, Strawberry BL 39 ARIANNA (Very Early), BL34 SANDRA (Early) BL42 FEDERICA (LATE).

The Magalotti Quarto nurseries were born in 1965. Initially the core business was the floriculture sector. In the 90s, when the sector was becoming saturated, its founder, Quarto, decided to change the sector and focus on strawberries.
In the following years the company began to devote itself to the acclimatization of fruit trees and here its founder began to set up nurseries for kiwi plants.
Our company produces selected and certified meristem actnidia plants from our micropropagation laboratory.
Today, after 30 years of experience in actinidia plants, with the help of the best technologies, and by our highly specialized staff, the kiwi plants grow in a controlled environment, to offer all our customers plants with excellent root systems and free from diseases.

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