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Tonda Romana

The nursery produces plants of the Tonda Romana variety, in 64-hole alveolus, well rooted and in 240-hole jiffy.

Tonda Romana is a very famous hazelnut cultivar of ancient origins and is one of the most planted varieties, especially in Lazio. The hazelnut is round, of medium-large size, with an excellent shelled yield.

Hazelnut groves prefer loose, fresh, acidic soils rich in organic matter; the planting layouts can be traced back to bush, bushy vase and single stem cultivation and are pruned every year. The permitted density of plants per hectare is 150 for old plants and 650 for new ones. The maximum annual production is 4 tons/hectare for irrigated crops and 3 tons/hectare for dry crops.

The hazelnut harvest is both manual and mechanical and takes place from mid-August to mid-November. Subsequently, storage is carried out in suitable, well-ventilated rooms, with a maximum humidity of 6%. The sorting, sizing and conditioning operations must take place within the year following that of collection. The shelling yield is between 28 and 50%.

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