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Tonda Giffoni

The nursery produces plants of the Tonda Giffoni variety, in 64-hole alveolus, well rooted and in 240-hole jiffy.

Variety  early ripening widely cultivated in Campania and especially in the Avellino area (it also adapts well in areas distant from that of origin). The plants are vigorous, quick to bear fruit and with high productivity . The female flowers are receptive to pollen in the months of January and February. Good pollinators are Tonda gentile romana, Tonda gentile delle Langhe and Nocchione. In Campania hazelnut groves it is often associated, again for pollination purposes, with the valuable local varieties Riccia di talanico and Mortarella. The fruits of this variety  are round, of medium size and dark in colour. The shelling yield is high, the seed film detaches easily when roasted and the organoleptic characteristics are excellent such as to make it much appreciated by the confectionery industry with an aromatic flavour. It can be sensitive to late frosts and to eriophide.

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