Vivai Magalotti entered the strawberry breeding project as a member of the new company BERRYLAB and as from 2019 it will start producing plug plant of the 3 new varieties ISABEL, ARIANNA AND FEDERICA (Early variety, Medium erly, Medium late).


The Vivai Magalotti Quarto were born in 1965. Initially, the core business was the floristic sector. In the 90s, when the sector was saturating, its founder, Quarto, decided to change the sector and focus on the strawberry. In the following years the company began to devote itself to the setting of fruit plants and here its founder began to plant the nurseries of kiwi plants. Our company produces selected and certified actinidia plants from meristem from our micropropagation laboratory. Today, after 30 years of experience in the actinidia plants, with the help of the best technologies, and by our highly specialized staff, the kiwi plants grow in a controlled environment, to offer all our customers, plants with excellent root system and exempt from diseases.