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ORIGIN: Selected in Cesena (Central-North Italy) in the year 2012- 2013, bred by company Berrylab Italy, European application Patent n° 2019/0619.


CULTIVATION AREA: Continental climate


PICKING PERIOD: Very early; (131 is the Faedi precocity index -year 2019 BerryLab-Cesena-field).


PLANT: Medium productivity, quite strong plant, not suscettible to the common fungii deseases, except Oidium fragariae, suitable also for not sterilized soil.


FRUIT: Long conical shape, good consistancy, medium fruit size (ponderate fruits size index, BerryLab-Cesena-field2019 was 20,5 gr.). Bright red in colour, very good taste.


STRENGHT: Extreme early variety, rustic plant, very sweet fruit. Suitable for fresh market both tunnel and open field.


WEAKNESS: To obtain a satisfied/good production it is necessary to plant in early planting period.

Quite Sensible to oidium fr.

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